Kathy Diehl - THE Ohio State University

A Hooters Girl from Newport, Kentucky and a student at THE Ohio State University.

Bright and beautiful, two words that perfectly delineate Hooters Girl Kathy Diehl. You can find this studious young lady serving those famous wings at the Newport Kentucky location. An OSU student with a major in Biology, and Human Anatomy being among her favorite classes, you can imagine how much of her time is delegated to school work and studying. 

Now boys, don’t get too upset. As demanding as her schedule is, you’re still on her radar. She prefers a guy with a sense of humor and good looks...but don’t feel intimidated by her academic drive. When we asked her how important an education was when dating a guy, she responded “I feel like sometimes education can be confused with intelligence. A man doesn’t have to have a degree to catch my attention. As long as he has a heart and a good work ethic, I’m all for him”.

Kathy is currently finishing her second semester of her Senior Year at THE Ohio State University with plans on graduating Spring Semester of 2015. Her next step is getting accepted into the Ohio State School of Dentistry, specializing in Orthodontics and eventually starting her own practice. Kathy wants to have a career based on what she knows, not solely on how she looks and we think she is well on her way. 

The HM “Bright and Beautiful” Feature is all about highly motivated Hooters Girls that work hard to put themselves through college and deserve a little recognition. As part of our ongoing support of these exceptional young ladies, HM will award $1,000 to this issue’s featured Hooters Girl.